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Friday, February 18, 2011

Seeing Clearly is Dangerous!

I am excited to be speaking at an event called Dangerous Man Day this weekend. It is a one day conference designed to help men live dangerously for God. As I have been working on the materials for the event, I have realized yet again how dangerous it is for us to see ourselves clearly.

The Evil One uses self deception as a key tool to keep us from obedience to Christ. We see it all the time don't we? We misunderstand who we are in Christ, what He has made us to be and how He is shaping us in His image.

That is why our truth lenses are so important. If Satan can mess with our these glasses that provide our assumptions of truth, then He can keep us from growing closer to God. But if we understand our assumptions of truth and seek to learn more about God through those glasses, then we can be powerful instruments in His hands.

Do you have the courage to understand your assumptions and to hold them up to the light of God's presence in your life?

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